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We organize trainings, workshops, online learning, conferences, festivals, performances, exhibition shows and expositions that promote creative industries. The educational programs are designed to develop new skills and knowledge, to present and teach the use of creative resources and produce dynamic, interactive and creative occupations.

The teaching entails the following areas:





Our school of animation attracts youth who aim to spend free time creatively by producing animated videos. The aim of the school is education in the creative sector, esthetic and cinematic, which motivates imagination and doesn’t restrict authorial freedom of expression. The beginners of the program, supported by professionals, through creative play, produce their own copyrighted works. Such an approach enables the production of copyrighted films, which are later qualified and submitted to various international, regional and local festivals of animation. Advanced attendees of the educational programs participate in the implementation of projects relating to innovative and interdisciplinary methods in areas of arts in the Southeastern European region.


We organize workshops attended by prominent international animation experts, who share their experiences with the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We focus on promoting Bosnian-Herzegovinian animation globally and we organize exhibitions that promote animated films. We have the capacities to introduce the world of animated film production to various organized groups of kids and youth across the country. Throughout the last eight years our school has educated over 100 beginners, produced 67 animated films and implemented over 30 events and exhibitions.


The education program follows a structured plan and program divided into following partitions:




The local office of the International Association of Animation, ASIFA BiH, operates within the framework of the school. We organize festivals that promote animated film and every year we mark the 29th of October, the International Animation day, as well as the 6th of June, the day of ASIFA BiH was founded.





The comics and illustration school enables introduction with the entire production of a comic, from the scenario, to the actual development through frames, tiers, spreads and the finalized project containing both text and drawings. Education in the area of illustration entails drawing programs, illustration, transformation of objects, positioning, graphic integration, and illustration of books and textbooks.




This school enables children, youth and adults who are arts enthusiasts, to express their talent and make good use of free time to express their creativity. The school program is structured for work in smaller groups in order to facilitate better learning among beginners. Upon request, individualized mentoring and tutoring is also available, aimed at providing assistance for the youth interested in applying to schools, programs or universities related to the arts.



If you love to explore, observe and capture transient frames of life and our surroundings, we present to you the world of the eighth art. The program requires ownership of a digital photo camera. If you intend to purchase one, we invite you to first consult with our experts. The program is geared towards interactive learning about different aspects of photography, from basic to advanced on Envisioned areas of work: technique; preparation, devising the idea and the work on editing and modifying photos; emotions in portrait and landscape; engaged photography; life and street photography; touristic photography; sport, macro, creative photography; music concert coverage; documentary photography; event photo coverage; interior photography; lightning setup; external flashes; and the basics of stock photography. We work exclusively in small groups in order to provide dedicated tutoring to every attendee.



Creative potential can be largely enriched by spending lots of effort and time practicing and perfecting the area of graphic and product design. Our aim is to connect leading people in the business and creative sectors, so the artists can attain practical knowledge by working on ongoing projects. We encourage connecting the academic and private sectors, as well as networking between professionals who do graphic and product design. Our aim is to strengthen practical knowledge, as well as communication with the press, learning about colors and knowledge of color designations, typography, importance of logos and graphic standards.