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Multimedia is a form of arts in the digital age. Text can convey any kind of information, but can be a questionably effective method at times. The use of sound, images, animations, games and videos expedites and eases the transfer of information. Multimedia messaging also entails a higher degree of interaction with the users.


What does this entail for you?

Multimedia is a space that is constantly evolving, as new techniques evolve and technologies develop, they furthermore widen the virtual tool range. If you are creative and enjoy seeing the results of your work, welcome to the world of multimedia and IT technology.

The Information Technologies department has a multimedia program organized through workshops, as well as the possibility of online educational trainings. The program entails education regarding technology related work, design and creation of multimedia communication. You can learn how to program copyrighted software, motion graphics, visual design, audiovisual content, video games, applications, animations and other related technological features.

The department of information technology organizes trainings in the area of teaching, research and education. The program entails a combination of topics in technology and their effective application in problem solving. Information technology focuses on the technical analysis, design systems and applications, thus enabling beginners a strong set of attainable skills necessary for efficient implementation of design and other systems.

We follow trends and develop digital platforms. With the use of modern equipment and studies, we continuously organize trainings and workshops for individuals and groups.  Examples: