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The organization constantly seeks new ways of engaging and promoting local events and initiatives that fall within its defined areas of impact. The success of the organization and quality of its work largely depends on the human capacities at its disposal. Through the engagement of prominent names in the fields of art, culture, education and the legal sector, we have managed to organize and implement a wide variety of projects, from which the citizens of Sarajevo and BiH have benefited.

We seek to provide a network for local resources with the goal of building better cooperation between experts from the Creative Industries, Education, New Media and Legal Sectors. We intend to build an organization that will facilitate organization and development of world class events, and through our work we aim to develop the standards for the Cultural Scene across the country.

If you believe you have the necessary knowledge and experience, you are an advocate and support the rights and interests of local experts and artists, we invite you to join us.

Benefits of Joining Pixel


Application review will be done by the members of the Board of Directors.



Our aim is to develop partnerships with the non governmental sector, public institutions and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Partner support to Pixel can be provided through educational consulting, financial support, assistance in identifying funding sources for the implementation of joint projects, as well as through joint development and implementation of current projects.



Friends of Pixel are acclaimed individuals from the political and public sector, who recognize the importance of the organization for the development of society; individuals who can contribute by offering strong support for the organization.


Honorary Members

Along with partners and friends, Pixel has honorary members, as well. Honorary membership is awarded to individuals from the core diplomatic local and international institutions, who significantly support and improve the work and the reputation of Pixel. The Board of Directors decides and appoints this status to the special contributors.



If you would like to get involved with the organization and contribute to the development of the local environment in any of the areas of impact, we are welcoming volunteers.


Welcome, we look forward to our cooperation!


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