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About Us

Pixel is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization, established on January 15th 2004, with the primary goal to contribute to the development of civic responsibility and positive changes in our society in the fields of culture, communication, legal system and informational technology. The Association was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina as: BiH RU – 156/03, with the Tax ID number 4200891210004.

Pixel emerged form an independent initiative of the citizens aiming to raise awareness and improve education, this way contributing to the processes of European Integration.

Cultural initiatives inspire, strengthen and engage creative resources to help create democratic societies. Through its own projects, Pixel commences and supports cultural exchange and creative industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the whole region of Southeast Europe. Pixel presents creative and critical approach to the contemporary media, intellectual property, culture and innovative audiovisual arts in a multidisciplinary context.

The volunteers engaged with Pixel work together to encourage social, economic and cultural changes, motivating participation of all people in the democratic processes and strengthening the individual and institutional capacities by resolving issues in their communities.

Because of its outstanding members and worldwide connections with the prominent institutions for research, culture and education, Pixel became a link between modern findings and individuals on one side, and the institutions that are in need of such knowledge, on the other.

Cooperating with top local and international supremacies in a variety of fields, Pixel has developed and promoted a wide network of associates and partner organizations.


Pixel’s main objectives are: