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Aiming to improve our communities and promote our rights and freedoms, we are advocating for a reformation of the legal protection sector. We support the development of institutional capacities to work on the development and strategy of protecting moral and material interests, which originate from scientific, literary or artistic production. We are focused on further supporting the development process. We are strengthening the dialogue between governmental institutions and individuals in order to ensure the security, preservation and expansion of science and culture. Special attention will be given to the research and production sectors, as well as the advancement of international cooperation in the fields of science and culture.


We promote innovation that strengthens the entire series of civic, political, social and cultural rights including:



Proactive activity in local communities, through involvement of the public and private sectors, we intend to provide assistance to public institutions with:


The area of intellectual property and copyrights is one of the most important areas that require reforms. Intellectual property can be split into two main categories, the industrial property patents and authorial copyrights.


Industrial property entails patents, trademarks, industrial design and geographic marks, while the copyrights for authors entail works done in areas of literature, science and audio-visual arts. Similar rights pertain to the rights and composition of legal protection of artistic expression, as well as protection of organizational, commercial and financial investments in performance, production and distribution of audio-visual copyrights.


Through projects we enable a clear presentation of changes that can guide the reformation of copyrights and similar intellectual property rights pertaining to the topics of:


  1. Authors
  2. Copyrighted works
  3. Content of copyrighted works
  4. Limited copyrights
  5. Traffic of copyrights
  6. Carrying out the copyrights
  7. Related rights